Our story so far...


It is amazing what you can do with a bit of technology, lots of imagination and plenty of chutzpah! Let me introduce you to the Dialing Tone Chorus, and their effervescent choir leader, Gitika Partington.   

Inspired by
Eric Whitaker and David Wesley, Gitika saw there was a way to keep her existing choirs singing, encourage them to learn new skills - and to have fun. The result has been these truly inspired, socially distanced versions of the pop classics!



Still from Video Killed the Radio Star, courtesy Bob Karper


Produced & arranged by Gitika Partington 




@GITIKASINGS (twitter) 

Film by Bob Karper, artist and film maker


Instagram: bob.karper

twitter: @bobkarper

Audio Editing  by Matt Glasbey  https://www.discogs.com/artist/3886549-Matt-Glasbey

Dance Backing Track by EricJames.co.uk (IG: @loungerMusic)

Co ordinated by Jo Healy 

and a huge thank you to all the singers!


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